“Liuteria Lodi” was born in the early 70s from the hands of two brothers, Leandro and Maurizio. Sons of a furniture maker and renovator, they learned the art of woodworking in their father’s workshop after school.

Leandro, the elder, soon demonstrated great craftsmanship and a strong inclination for artistic expression, deepened through his attendance at the Venturi Art Institute. Maurizio enrolled in the guitar class of teacher Saldarelli at the Conservatory of Modena, cultivating his passion for music for 5 years.
The shared desire of the two brothers to venture into guitar making soon led to the creation of some tools inspired by the works of the most prominent builders, whose instruments were present at the Conservatory. These tools were created in their father’s workshop, but they soon had the opportunity to open an independent workshop for the construction of classical guitars, using José Ramirez III’s project as a reference model, who was famous and esteemed in the classical guitar community in Italy at that time.

Around 1975, the knowledge and interaction with Alan Wilcox, a renowned guitar maker near Florence, became a significant and crucial step, allowing them to understand the world of guitar makers and the finality of the work, definitively stepping away from mere craftsmanship. Thanks to the good relationship they built, Maurizio and Leandro visited teacher Wilcox’s workshop for several years.
In the decade between the 1980s and 90s, the production of Ramirez III model classical guitars improved, thanks to the constant support of teachers and guitarists who visited the workshop. During this time, the two brothers produced a series of guitars with beautiful craftsmanship, using valuable materials and woods. Recognitions from the music world didn’t take long to arrive!

In the 90s, the acquisition of new sources of inspiration and continuous precise examination of construction techniques brought a period of self-observation and study, eventually leading to an improvement in the tonal result of the guitar.

During this time, Leandro and Maurizio rediscovered the Spanish historical concert guitar and its renowned school. The possibility of rethinking their own work from a new perspective was undoubtedly a great source of inspiration and motivation. The attempt to recall Torres models through documents and “planiometry” was the first step in a well-defined direction, which soon led to the study of construction methodology on original historical guitars. The opportunity to use such unique tools as sources of learning and inspiration represented a moment of fundamental growth.
The appointment of the Lodi brothers materialized in the construction of guitars – not copies – as a result of the desire to find a constructive balance with their own guitar model, inspired by the great Spanish teachers from Madrid in the early 1900s.

During these years, Leandro was no longer able to develop the activity of a guitar maker simultaneously with that of a renovator (due to time constraints), and he had to dedicate himself fully to the activity of a restoration carpenter, for which he is known in our town. He never stopped visiting the workshop, fueled by great passion: his interventions and suggestions remain essential and fortunately, they are not lacking today!

Maurizio enlisted the help of his child Gabriele, who showed an increasing interest in music and particularly the guitar. Gabriele’s apprenticeship under Uncle Leandro shaped his education and allowed the workshop to continue building tools as a collaborative effort. The different attitudes of Maurizio and Gabriele fit together perfectly, and comparison in design and assembly is often crucial for growth and good results.
Maurizio and Gabriele continue to study and research original tools, deepening their knowledge with musicians who are increasingly showing interest in establishing a close relationship with our workshop.
The direct acquisition of important historical guitars ranging from the Romantic era to the Modern period, which are now present in the workshop and have been restored by Maurizio and Gabriele, has opened a new path for their work, gaining the trust of guitarists and collectors who increasingly submit their instruments for restoration. However, the primary occupation remains the construction of classical guitars.

In recent years, Gabriele has done a lot to promote the work carried out in the workshop, at national and international fairs, increasingly presenting the tools to a large foreign market. The production, which is produced in small but significant quantities, is now appreciated and recognized, thanks to the desire to make the tradition of “Liuteria Lodi” known to all who seek a special and unique tool.


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