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Enrica Savigni

Curriculum The Italian guitarist Enrica Savigni began her studies at the Conservatorio di Musica "A. Boito" in Parma. She graduated in Classical Guitar in 2010 with full marks and in Clarinet in 2014. Her interest in historical instruments started in...Continue reading
Collaborators, Organising Committee

Marco Ramelli

Curriculum Born in Milan, Italy, Marco Ramelli is an artist of diverse interests, encompassing roles as a guitarist, composer, researcher, lecturer, and artistic director. Marco has performed worldwide as a guitarist, appearing in important venues as a soloist and chamber...Continue reading
Collaborators, Organising Committee

Gabriele Lodi

Curriculum “Liuteria Lodi” was born in the early 70s from the hands of two brothers, Leandro and Maurizio. Sons of a furniture maker and renovator, they learned the art of woodworking in their father’s workshop after school. Leandro, the elder,...Continue reading
Collaborators, Organising Committee

Giovanni Tammaro

Curriculum Giovanni is an audio engineer and video maker active in Milan area. Most of the projects produced by TouchTheSound are made by him. YouTube Playlist PROJECTS TuttoAlessandra LuisiAndrea DieciAntonio de TorresCorde d'AutunnoDuo SavigniEnrica SavigniEventsGabriele LodiGiovanni TammaroGuitarsLaura SavigniMarco RamelliMatteo StaffiniMompouParodiSasha...Continue reading