Gabriele Lodi sponsored with TouchTheSound the event in Rome dedicated to the special guitar maker Santos Hernandez, held in Rome on May 20th 2023 in the Museum of Musical Instruments.

The event was organised in collaboration with ChitarraIn in occasion of the launch of the book “Santos Hernández, Maestro Guitarrero” (edited by Camino Verde), a book dedicated to the life and work of the maestro with articles written by several luthier and photographies by Alberto Martinez.

Guitarists Daniele Sardone, Pino Feola and Gabriele Curciotti played some special instruments:

– Original 1912 Manuel Ramirez / Santos Hernandez guitar (Massimo Raccosta Collection)

– Original 1921 Santos Hernandez (Massimo Raccosta Collection)

– Original 1924 Santos Hernandez (Daniele Sardone guitar)

Introduction by Pepe Romero
The life of Santos Hernández Rodríguez
The Press
Santos Heritage
1945 Exhibition
Sales Journal
The workshop
Flamenco / Flamenco
“Montada para flamenco” – Richard Bruné
Labels and signatures
Evolution of headstocks
Santos’ bracing – Juan Fernández Manjarrés
Notes on acoustics – Juan Fernández Manjarrés
The rosettes
Luthiers’ point of view: Gabriele Lodi, Yuris Zeltins
Guitarists’ point of view: Alejandro Hurtado, Wulfin Lieske, María Esther Guzmán
Santos 1924, ex-Segovia – John Ray
Santos 1924, ex-Luise Walker – Tobias Braun
Santos 1927 – Stefano Grondona

Here more info about the book: Santos Hernández, Maestro Guitarrero

Other video of the evening:

Daniele Sardone performance

Gabriele Curciotti performance