Première of Frammenti (after M. Llobet) by Giacomo Susani

Live concert – Marco Ramelli Guitar ‘La macchiata’ by Gabriele Lodi con Tornavoz
5 Febbraio 2022 Milano – Festival Corde d’Autunno

“Last year my friend Marco Ramelli asked me to write a piece for him. He had recently come across a peculiar document, displaying a few germinal ideas and a general plan for a violin and piano sonata by Miguel Llobet. Not only the composer did not finish the piece, he actually did not go beyond drafting a few (very beautiful) motifs and themes. My piece was based on this draft, and used some of the fragments contained in it as the basic material for the composition. The spareness of the available ideas and the intricate chromatic nature of Llobet’s writing led me to compose a piece that is quite reflective and mysterious, which develops as a meditation on the potentiality of the original motifs, rather than a proper elaboration of them. In order to create a stronger link to Llobet’s sound world, yet searching for a contemporary idiom, Frammenti was conceived to be first performed on a Torres model guitar built by Gabriele Lodi, with a tornavoz. It was premiered by Marco on this guitar at Centro Asteria in Milano, Italy in February 2022, during one of the first meetings of the Errante Guitar Course.” Giacomo Susani

Audio – Video: Giovanni Tammaro