The TouchTheSound Historical Inspired Models for Young Artists is a series of guitars designed with young guitarists in mind. Created by Gabriele Lodi and Marco Ramelli, these guitars are inspired by historical models and are intended to be highly sensitive and responsive to the nuances of touch.

The aim of this project is to provide young students with an instrument that can help them discover the guitar and learn to manipulate sound through feeling the vibration. These guitars are designed with didactic purposes in mind, allowing students to fully experience and perceive the nuances of sound.

Unlike some modern guitars for students that are designed to be loud and responsive, the TouchTheSound guitars are designed to fully vibrate, providing a unique learning experience. This project is created through a collaboration between TU Dublin Conservatoire and the TouchTheSound project.

Each year, we select two students through a selection process who are then given the opportunity to access historically inspired guitars designed for young artists, with part of the cost of the instrument covered as a scholarship.

Selected students are encouraged to document their journey of discovering the instrument by publishing a series of videos during the years.

We are proud to present the first video in this series, featuring Theo, who is playing “Home” by Andrew York on a TouchTheSound Torres Model guitar. This video was recorded at the TU Dublin Conservatoire in November 2021, and we hope it gives viewers a glimpse into the beauty and unique qualities of these historically inspired guitars.