About TTS

What we do:

TouchTheSound is a pioneering project dedicated to advancing research in guitar playing and guitar making through applied research.

Our project is divided into four elements:

TTS Research project: With primary investigators Dr Marco Ramelli and Enrica Savigni, this research aims to explore the interaction between touch, time, and intuition in musical expression and analyze their relevance to guitarists’ and pianists’ practices. The outcomes of this research will be shared through academic publications, conferences, and workshops, contributing to the advancement of musical expression and performance techniques. 

Facilitator of access to historical guitars for performers and researchers: TTS supports young researchers and performers. We aim to help them access historically significant original instruments from museums and private collections, such as collaborations with institutions and collectors. This allows us to promote cutting-edge research in guitar-playing techniques and styles. To document these projects, we produce high-quality audio and video recordings.

Organization of conferences and symposiums: At TTS, we believe that musical research is a collaborative endeavour that requires direct contact with the history preserved in old instruments. That’s why we organize conferences, symposiums, exhibitions of instrument making, and concerts, inviting the broader community to share our findings and contribute to the discourse. We collaborate with the project Residenze Erranti.

Pedagogical project – TTS guitar for young artists: Our Pedagogical project, in collaboration with the TU Dublin Conservatoire, is a testament to our unwavering commitment to fostering creativity in young players. We do this by providing them with exceptional musical instruments designed to enhance their sense of touch. Over the past four years, we have partnered with renowned guitar maker Gabriele Lodi to craft custom-made guitars for our students. As part of the project, we are developing a teaching methodology that encourages implicit learning through hands-on exploration of these instruments, thereby nurturing their artistic growth and inspiring the future of music.


Collaborating with leading institutions such as TU Dublin Conservatoire, Festival Corde d’Autunno, Museo Civino Poldi Pozzoli, Fondazione Antonio Carlo Monzino, and Festival Homenaje,

Contact Us: info@touchthesoundproject.com


Dr.Marco Ramelli

Artistic Committee

Dr.Marco Ramelli (TU Dublin Conservatoire)
Enrica Savigni (Maynooth University)
Gabriele Lodi

Advisory committee
Giovanni Tammaro

Organising Committee