The Volterra Project Trio (Antigoni Goni, Luca Isolani and Maarten Vandenbemden)

For the 2023 Festival Corde d’Autunno, the Volterra Project Trio emerged as a highlight, captivating audiences with two enchanting concerts: one held at the historic Castello Sforzesco and another at Centro Asteria. The synergy between TouchTheSound, The Volterra Project, and Residenze Erranti persists, fostering an ongoing collaboration that promises innovative musical experiences.


The Volterra Project Trio

Antigoni Goni, Luca Isolani and Maarten Vandenbemden

The Volterra Project Trio reimagines classical guitar trio music, drawing inspiration from European impressionism, Mediterranean folk melodies and cinematic scores.

Antigoni Goni (Gr), Luca Isolani (It) and Maarten Vandenbemden (Be) breathe fresh life into the guitar, treating it as a miniature orchestra, exploring its unique sounds, dynamics, and colors.

In 2022, the trio released “Medio Siglo,” an album dedicated to the renowned luthier José Luis Romanillos, recorded using his last four guitars. The album has been praised by Soundboard Magazine for “the deep use of colors and the dazzling arrangements”.

In June 2023, the Volterra Project Trio made its US debut at the 50th Guitar Foundation of America Convention in New York.


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