A collaboration with guitarist Daniel Marx started this past June 2023. Daniel Marx is currently a PhD student at the International Guitar Research Centre of the University of Surrey.


Daniel’s Project:

The collection of the “Gitarristische Vereinigung München” – discovery of a forgotten repertoire

It was in 2009, when a large collection of guitar works was rediscovered in the attic of Mrs. Gabriele Wiedemann, in the city of Munich. A collection, that many had forgotten about, but that is able to document the richness of repertoire, the guitar had in the beginning of the 20th century. The collection of the “Gitarristische Vereinigung München”. The list of members of the Munich-based guitar club spanned from the United States over several European countries to Russia. The Gitarristische Vereinigung München was founded in 1908, by the members of the Internationale Gitarristen Verband (I.G.V. 1900-1908). The guitar club did an incredible job in collecting and organising the repertoire of the 19th century in the club library. Today, thanks to this work, we have access, to large amounts of repertoire regarding that time. In order to make this repertoire known and to give other guitarists and researchers the possibility to consider it, the guitar community is in need of critical performing editions, performances and recordings (Audio and Video) of these unknown works. In the course of my doctorate I aim to provide exactly that.

For his project, Daniel is using a guitar by Hermann Hauser, 1925.


- What Daniel says about his experience on this instrument -

“The 1925 Herrmann Hauser gave me the possibility to elaborate the compositions I encountered during my research on a guitar built in the Viennese style. It made a decisive impact in understanding historical traditions better, such as arrangements, fingerings or voicings. It gave me the possibility to reflect my artistic choices, enriched my concert performances and gave me the possibility to grow as guitarist. A heartfelt thank you to the Touch The Sound Project for believing in me and supporting me in my journey”


Daniel Marx Website: https://danielmarx.net/