Duo Savigni plays 26 Marzo 2020 by Claudio Maccari – Guitar & Fortepiano. This composition, commissioned by Marco Ramelli and TouchTheSound Project, drew inspiration from a 1968 exchange between Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco and Mario Sicca.

In this correspondence, Castelnuovo-Tedesco accepts an invitation to write a piece for fortepiano and guitar based on a work by Beethoven, thus becoming the first modern composer to write for this ensemble. Unfortunately, the project never saw the light of day as he died that same year. Maccari’s composition is thus inspired by Beethoven’s Op.106, the so-called Hammerklavier Sonata. With Siccas Media, our channel is your channel.

Enrica Savigni plays a Johann Anton Stauffer (1832) Laura Savigni plays a Walter and Sohn (1805 ca.) copy by Paul McNulty. The composition “26 Marzo 2020” by Claudio Maccari is one of the works included in the new album “Für Beethoven” by Duo Savigni for fortepiano and 19th-century guitar, edited by MP Editions in December 2020.